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Faith Works

Our lives begin with a miracle and as children we see the miraculous in almost everything we experience. However, as we grow older it seems our eyes and minds focus more on logic and reason than on what God accomplishes daily in our lives. For those of us…

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In Memoriam

Byron Vinicio Santos de Leon arrived at Casa Aleluya in January 1996, not yet 11 years old. As he matured, so too did his love for God and his desire to become a doctor. He became fluent in English and served as translator for countless visitors and teams,…

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Academic Olympians

While the rest of the world had their eyes on the Olympics in Athens, Greece, we at Casa Aleluya are watching Olympians of a different sort. Each year, Guatemala’s Ministry of Education hosts a competition in Mathematics and Science. The national winner of this competition receives academic scholarship…

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Treasure to Last a Lifetime

If you were to walk the grounds of Casa Aleluya, you would find that many of the little faces look similar. It is more obvious in some cases, but you might be astonished by just how many families live in our home. At times, this is surprising when…

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Love, Family & Ministry

Curly-haired and handsome, Alexander Candelario Calel Valenzuela has a heart as large as they come. The fifth child to arrive at Casa, Alex came to us in 1989 from Peronia, the 'City of Thieves', where he had lived in abject poverty, abandoned by his father at birth. Sara…

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Finding a Complete Joy

"From a single parent household, his mother beat him terribly. The police took him away to another home from which he escaped. He was eventually brought here. His mother is forbidden from seeing him. His only other relative is an aunt who does not visit." While it may…

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