#457 Our story

The service at Wesley Methodist was a blessing for me. They were so receptive & we had visitors fro Gueydon, Lafayette and all of Debbie’s family.

Then we drove the more than three hours to Cook Baptist in Ruston where they just received the message & power point. Two of our boys were adopted and attend that church. 

The kids had a family fair with their famalies who were allowed to attend.

12/23/2002. The children sent so much clothing and toys to that family that people were asking if they were opening a store. The boys asked the family to come to church next Sunday and they did. It is no surprise that the parents gave their hearts to Jesus. Dottie & I gave the gifts to the boys in Vencedores and then to the girl in Estrelitas.  

12/24. We distributed the gifts to the other dorms and then we had a Christmas banquet where all the teenagers dressed up. We served turkey with all the trimmings then played Bible games before ending the meal with the distribution of the gifts for them. The teens took everything to their dorms and then returned for us to celebrate the Lord’s Supper.

12/25. When Steve and Sheryl woke up there was a child sound asleep sitting on his tricycle. We served turkey today so that all of the children under age 13 could share. A tradition here is that on Christmas night everyone eats traditional food & gives gifts to one another.

12/26. There was a riot yesterday in a local prison. There were 14 killed and over 50 severely injured. In Esquintla there was a gang fight that took the lives of 17.