Our Facilities

Welcome to Casa Aleluya!

Casa Aleluya began with very little property and only a handful of buildings. Over the years, God has blessed our work beyond our dreams and provided everything we need to continue to care for the children who walk through our doors. Casa Aleluya currently covers 15 acres, with housing for over 400 children and young adults. The campus also includes an elementary school, junior high, health clinic, dental clinic, children’s dialysis home, computer lab, multipurpose facility, and library.


Education is the key to giving back to the community. God has blessed Casa Aleluya with a beautiful school and professional teachers who serve children from preschool through high school. Using time tested principles, Casa offers children some of the best education in Guatemala, preparing them for a bright future to work in their community or to advance their education for a promising career.


Considered the best housing in Guatemala, the dormitories have been skillfully constructed by work teams and sponsors like you.

The campus has grown from a couple of small houses with only a few children to two adjoining properties with eleven dormitories. Each dorm is overseen by house parents who look after and care for the children with love, compassion and understanding. They help each child experience a loving home from helping with homework, finding a lost shoe, to having fun playing Nintendo or toys. Currently, our housing has the capacity to help over 400 children and young adults.


Staffed with three full-time kitchen personnel and help from the older kids, the industrial kitchen provides 3 meals each day for our students and staff. All children eat breakfast at the same time, while lunch and dinner are broken up into phases.


Whether its romping on the playground, arts and crafts, a game of soccer, or just hanging out, you can always find a way to have fun here. No matter what the activity, students and visitors have fun at Casa Aleluya.