Changing Lives and the Future!

It has always been our belief that these children will become the future leaders of Guatemala and will make significant improvements to their country by applying the Christian principles they learn at our home.  Now after 30 years, there are literally hundreds of examples of how this promise is playing out across Guatemala. Here are just a few of their stories.

Jakelin Alvarez Contreras

Jakelin grew up at Casa and is now part of the Kitchen Team serving the children and staff. She loves the ministry and being able to be used by God to minister to children who have gone through similar situations she and her siblings have gone through. "Casa…

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Ana Gabriela Garcia Pineda

Ana has grown up at Casa Aleluya, increasing her education and becoming a part of the Kitchen Team serving meals to the children and staff. "The contributions you make to Casa Aleluya have had a great impact on my life and the lives of the children who live…

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Pamela Yahaira Perez

During her time at Casa, Pamela served children as a nanny She provided unconditional love and support at the Los Angelitos Dorm. She continues her studies in Social Management to help create more opportunities for the children. She knows God has called her to share his unconditional love…

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Mirna Lily Flores Mendoza

Mirna helps in the problematic areas with the children and adolescents of Casa Aleluya. Growing up at Casa, she overcame obstacles to excel spiritually, personally, and academically. She also likes to help with the activities that develop the talents and skills of young people. These activities help them…

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