Our Mission

We believe all children deserve a second chance.

Casa Aleluya was started in 1989 by Mike and Dottie Clark with the sole purpose of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to the suffering children of Guatemala.  At any given time, our home cares for and raises as many as 400 orphaned, abused and mistreated children and young adults.

Over its history, Casa has been home to more than 6000 children.  Through the housing, feeding, and education of these children, they learn about the unconditional love many of them did not experience in their own homes.

It has always been our belief that these children will become the future leaders of Guatemala and will make significant improvements to their country by applying the Christian principles they learn at our home.  Now after 30 years, there are literally hundreds of examples of how this promise is playing out across Guatemala.

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Making a Difference in 4 Key Areas

Casa Aleluya touches every aspect of life to ensure our children are ready to make a difference in the world. Discover how we are impacting lives by providing medical, educational, and family support, while actively discipling kids toward a deeper relationship with Christ.

1. Medical Support

When children arrive at Casa Aleluya, they often need some form of medical attention. Our on-campus medical services are designed to meet all the needs of abused, neglected and abandoned children so they can begin to physically and emotionally heal. 

Children are cared for by professionally trained men and women who provide medical, dental, vision, psychiatry and psychology services. Doctors and nurses in each of the clinic areas treat related needs that arise on campus and facilitate more specialized medical services as needed.

Casa also provides specialized care for kids who are experiencing kidney failure and need routine dialysis services and related care.

2. Educational Support

Children who have an education build strong families and communities. Casa Aleluya ensures every child in their care has educational opportunities from preschool through career and university. 

In Guatemala there are four levels for education: Primary is preschool through 6th grade and Básico is from 7th through 9th grade. The high school years are called Career because career skills are taught alongside traditional academic studies. Casa Aleluya offers career studies in Computer Science and Expert Accounting and prepares students to enter university with more knowledge in various subjects.

Scholarships are guaranteed for every child who desires a University or Trade School education.

3. Family Support

The heart and soul of Casa Aleluya are experienced through the community that is Casa campus life.  From the Christ-centered group living homes championed by loving house parents to the variety of arts, sports, entertainment and community service programs at Casa, kids experience a rich and varied life as they grow, learn and mature. 

Casa Aleluya is a family of families, where broken and abandoned children find safety, security, and healing.

4. Discipleship

Imparting Christ perfect love is the most important part in Casa Aleluya for children in Guatemala.  Just like in your home, Jesus is the centerpiece of daily home-life as house parents provide daily devotionals, prayer, teaching, and Biblical guidance. The word of God and communion with Him is carried out in various other ways throughout the week:

  • On Tuesdays the young girls receive devotionals all together
  • On Wednesday the young boys meet and have a deeper study of the Bible.
  • The little kids learn the perfect love of Jesus in different ways every Sunday; doing dramas, choreography, puppets ,stories and dance.
  • Sunday worship time is a great experience as Casa Aleluya youth lead an extended time of praise and worship and the sharing of God’s word.

Also, different groups come to casa and they perform a variety of activities with the children to remember that Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

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