#443 our story

Ruthie is such a sweet hostess.

The morning service at First UMC in Carmichaels was well received & they served us lunch. The evening service at New Life was equally kind and generous. It has been a blessing.

The best students through 3 semesters

11/1/2002. As you can imagine the teens returned from camp sky high. I want to thank all of you who sponsored them for the week. The First Lady is attempting to get that 12% tariff on the containers reduced for Casa. 

11/2. Dottie and I drove to Casitas Viejas to preach in the evening. It was a 3 hour drive each way and we stopped by the army or police 4 times. They are only looking for bribes. 

11/3. I asked the teens who wanted to share their experience at camp and we had to stop after two hours. What the Lord did was wonderful and many spoke of having a deeper and stronger relationship with Jesus. Eighty teens came forth and knelt at the altar. In the afternoon Dottie and I attended Gunter’s graduation. He will be leaving in two weeks to work in Xela. He will have a great future.

11/4. The dollar continues to slide so that is truly harming our budget. The Michael Memorial church from Gulfport arrived with Mike Borga. They were coming to frame a dorm but the lumber is stuck at the port on the container. The rains are so heavy I am not sure what they will be able to do.

11/5. There is a virus going around in the baby dorm. We had to put one of the babies in the hospital. We enrolled Carlitos in the school for the deaf. We are still praying that the Lord will send a tutor for him. Melvin, Wes and others arrived. The government said we needed to pay $10,000 for the 4 containers.

11/6. One of the toddlers walked in front of the swings and was hit flush in the mouth and needed surgery. JW was supposed to arrive tonight with Tony and David but got ill. He gave his boarding pass to Tony and when they arrived in Guatemala there was a huge scene as JW’s baggage was unloaded and the airline discovered the baggage came unsupervised.