#454 Our story

The surgery on Jonathon was a success.

Felipe, Billy & Oscar have been trying to remove a huge bee hive from the girl’s dorm.

Grace Baptist from Texas has been having programs for the children.

We have enjoyed our stay with my sister here in Baton Rouge. 

Bees in Esperanza

12/12/2002. Brennen has been working with some of the teenagers teaching them music. Tonight Brennen, Rosa, Ezdras and Yemi led the worship service. The kids responded with great enthusiasm. Steve & Sheryl took a night off as they are exhausted. Can you imagine caring for over 100 toddlers and babies?
12/13. I finally broke down and went to see a physician as I have not felt well the last few weeks. He said that I have mushrooms in my intestines. I do not even know what that means but he gave me medication and I will take it. Despite the way I feel Dottie and I have taken over 200 children to buy clothes for Christmas.
12/14. The teenagers and I meet each morning to pray. After prayer today I went straight to bed.
12/15. There has been a lot of threats between Guatemala and the USA. It has to do with the current president here in Guatemala. So we have to be very alert to anyone around us when we go to market or into the city.
12/16. This year we will do Christmas gift giving as we can only do two dorms a day. We will start on the 22nd. This way Dottie and I will be able to be with each group as they open their gifts. Sebastian received his grades from college and they are 96, 97, 85, 99, 84, 98, 87, 77 and 96. Can you imagine taking that many courses in a semester & scoring that high? His major is economics &business.