#453 our story

Judy left for Cincinnati.

Virginia took us to one of my favorite Christian book stores. It is located in Walker, La.

Mynor, our adopted son, needs a physical healing so pray for him please.

The judge did not find another home for Cindy 2 who is on dialysis. We cannot treat children over 18 with kidney failure. Josue’ & the team need wisdom.

12/9/2002. Both Ruben and his brother Gunter left today for good. They are Billy’s brothers. Billy is now (2019) our assistant director. Ruben went to the USA and got a job in Tennessee and would marry and now had a family. Gunter has graduated & will be going to Xela to work and live. This family came because of an alcoholic father. They led their father to the Lord before his death. 

What I remember most was Gunter telling me, “I thank you for your love for me but I must go home”. Ruben has been just as loving & I know as he goes off to Tennessee he will be blessed of God and have a wonderful life.

12/10. Bill’s team left this morning and I am sure they are exhausted. I always hate seeing team’s leave because even in a short length of time they become so attached to the children and staff. We had to hire some men from Poaquil to come and begin at 3am mixing concrete by hand and using buckets to go up to the second floor to pour the junior high second floor. They worked until 7pm. These men are not afraid of physical work. It takes an hour to get here from Poaquil. So they were up before 1:30am and drove here & began work at 3am. They finished at 7pm and drove home arriving about 8pm. That is an 18 hour day.

12/11. Gino passed his entrance test at the university. With Byron now in pre-med we have these two young men and then Angelina, Sebastian, Alex, Sarah, Fernando and Priscilla all in college. Estela and Ruben will be studying in the USA. I am so proud of them. Sadly two of them would pass away.