455 our story

Woke up & my car battery was dead. Virginia jumped us off so we went to Coffee Call for beignets.

Then we drove to Lake Charles where we took Chad, our son, out to dinner for his birthday along with our granddaughter, Dana.  

12/17/2002. John was driving our new van with his young son when two men forced themselves into the van. They drove a few miles and put John & his son out. The little boy was terrified and John was shaken. This was before cell phones so John began walking when he saw a man closing up his place of business. He was then able to call me. It was well over an hour before I could find him and by then it was 11pm. Praise God all they did was steal the van and not hurt John or his son. Brennen’s grandmother passed away in Minnesota so he will be taking the first flight he can get.

12/18-20. For the past three days Dottie and I wrapped Christmas gifts. Again we had teenage girls wrapping the boy’s gifts and the boys wrapping the girl’s gifts.12/21. There is an airline pilot, David, from the Woodlands who flew from Houston to Guatemala to bring us 2 bags of toys. What an act of kindness! The little girls had a soccer tournament in San Lucas. When they returned to Casa I asked them who had won and none of them knew. They did have fun and were so excited.