#445 our story

I am fasting for my health as well as the health of two precious friends of mine. Join me!

Our board voted to increase our staff with another social worker and another psychologists. We are also needing another driver to help carry children to court & medical circumstances.

Dottie is in hog heaven as she & Ruthie are doing yard work in the flower beds.

Jim took his male discipleship students to a Christian movie in the city.

Jacobo with his cerificate. He is working as a dental ssistant to our dentist and attending college for his certifiation.

11/13/2002. All four containers were delivered today so the children and visitors as well as our staff made a game of who could empty a container the quickest. Of course it was not fair as one container was filled with steel. The staff and visitors unloaded that one. 

11/14. I drove Melvin to the airport and then I went to Quiche where we dedicated a new church. Doris had her second major surgery today. David had a conference with a group of Guatemalan pastors. They had a full day of ministry in Esquintla.

11/15. This was a wonderful day as I was asked to minister in Pixabaj beginning at 10a.m. and finishing at 6p.m. This is the second largest church we have built. The entire day was actually broadcast live on radio. John drove to Quiche to pick up carpeting donated for the new dorm rooms. The Illinois and Pennsylvania teams began framing more dorm rooms while our teenagers decked the 5 apartment rooms. The average age of Jack’s team is 67 but they work 8 to 11 hours daily. 

11/16. Bad news today as the surgery on Doris’s intestines failed so they will wait a month and redo the surgery. We received a 6 month old little boy who is hydrocephalic. Last year we received a young girl who was literally tied in a tree all day everyday while her parents went to work. She has kidney damage. Last year she had surgery but now she has kidney stones.