#441 our story

Lissie did return back to Casa today but they will be returning to the states to get her proper treatment. Donavon will go back & forth but this gives us a huge crisis. There is no male adult who can watch the dorm when Donavon is in the states.

We need a miracle.

ottie & I drove to Charleston, WV. And will continue on to Pennsylvania tomorrow.

The devil is just attacking in every way imaginable. We need some deep rooted intercessors please! 

10/27/2002. You had to be here to believe it. We had to line up, count three times and load a ton of luggage and then load up the 140 teens on the buses as they headed off to camp. I cannot imagine any group ever being as excited as these kids were. The banks have made new regulations as they try to curtail drug money. My banker from Chimaltenango suggested that I make two trips a week instead of one and also to go to different branches. In the months to come Dottie and I would be robbed at gunpoint five times and Pastor David once. David would have a new van stolen and I would also.

10/28. Last night very late we had an 11 year old girl come to the gate badly abused. Her name is Yemi. So I took her to court this morning and she shared her horrible story with the judge who immediately gave me custody. Edy took a boy to forensics in the city while Olga took three girls to forensics in Chimaltenango. John took a boy to court. A group of 7 gang members jumped Gino as he left the bus. They beat him so severely that he was vomiting blood. There were 4 policemen who saw the attack and were too frightened to get involved.