#451 Our story

We left Decatur, Ill. & stopped south of Jackson, Ms.

One of our boys, Jonathan, is having ear surgery Tuesday morning. Pray for him.

12/1/2002. Today was a beautiful Sunday and you could feel the Spirit as the children worshipped.   The Vacation Bible School touched many hearts and we want you to consider having a VBS for any age group you would like to teach and bless. We were back wrapping Christmas gifts. The children love wrapping the gifts for other children, Mary Ann and her group from Leadership International arrived.

12/2. John drove Harvey & Jenny Lynn to the airport and from there with four children for a court appearance. Edy took another 4 to another court. Sheryl took bay Jon to the hospital. Olka took Ankra to a different hospital. I went to the bank to exchange money so we had people going in multiple directions. In the afternoon Dottie and I took 20 teens shopping for clothes. We will take 20 to 25 each day until all of the teenagers have new clothes. Bill H and his welders arrived. 

12/3. We took 23 teens shopping. Six of the older boys asked if they could work these three weeks with Bill’s crew. They want a little spending money so thy can buy their girlfriends a Christmas gift.

12/4. December is a tremendously busy month. All of our staff work so hard so it is difficult to get into a holiday spirit. Sheryl took baby Kevin to a neurologist who diagnosed him with hydrocephalus. He told Sheryl that a shunt would not help. 

12/5. Everyone was so disappointed when the pregnancy test was negative for Robyn as she and John want children so badly. Eventually they will adopt two boys from Casa. David got so ill he could not walk.