#459 our story

We slept in until 7am & then packed what we could. We visited with my sister, Charlotte, & husband Wayne and then we visited with our daughter, Crissy, & our grandchildren.

This was a different trip since I resigned 14 month ago. It has been a blessing to watch Josue’ & his team working so well together. 

12/29/2002. Well the year is coming to a close and the fact that we surpassed 500 children is such a blessing. All of them heard the Gospel and had the opportunity to give their lives to Christ. Last night Doris called hysterically screaming that she was beaten by her father. We had given permission that she could only be with the grandfather but the father showed up drunk and had beaten her badly. I called Edy who is our social worker and he and I drove to Tecpan and brought her home.

The folks who hosted the week long camp where I children attended (It is called Camp Decision) came and had a service with the children. That camp had been a blessing beyond belief and the service today was wonderful. 

12/30. Dottie and I took the teenage girls to an amusement park and then to lunch. Steve and Sheryl took the toddlers to McDonalds while Andrew took his boys to see a movie. It was like herding cats.

12/31. The end of the year! Carlos and I took the 9-12 year old girls to lunch and a movie. David took his boys swimming. It has been an eventful year filled with joy as well as tears. We had a very tranquil New Years Eve and were sound asleep before 2003 began.

Thank you so much for all you do to help us throughout the year. May God bless you richly.