#450 Our story

I was so blessed by the reception of 1stGeneral Baptist today. The extra 2 hours or more they gave me was wonderful.

To make it even better Chad Griffin who graduated from Aleluya Acres in Lake Charles where I pastored 30 years ago was in the service. Also Josh who was at Casa 20 plus years ago for 2 years and now is a physician was also there so it was a truly special day.

Marlin gave birth to a baby girl and both are fine. She & Ezdras are the house parents of Doncillas.

11/28/2002.  This was a very busy day for Dottie and me as well as the staff. The Americans. Toledo treated all of the American staff with a Thanksgiving dinner. Our oldest staff member is Rene who turned 74 today. Would you believe that she came to Guatemala driving a school bus from Chicago to Guatemala ALONE. I would never have the courage to do that. She prepared a special meal for all 500 children. Our daughter, Crissy, left for Louisiana where she will spend Thanksgiving with two of our daughters Tanya and Becky. This is her Christmas gift.

11/29. The Toledo group left after having a wonderful vacation Bible school. Stacey and his son also left for their home in South Louisiana. Dottie and I took the day to shop for Christmas. I believe it is difficult for anyone to comprehend what a task it is to provide Christmas gifts for 500 children is like. Just making sure that we have all the names by age groups and not forgetting anyone is a daunting task. We get new children each week and they range in age from infant to college age.

11/30. We have informed the courts that we will only receive children who severely 

physically or sexually abused or pure orphans as well as infants. Of course the courts know that I will not split families up so if the child has siblings I will take all of the family. 

Financially this is the most difficult time of the year as we have not only huge expenses for Christmas but also by law we have to pay each staff member vacation time as well as an extra month’s salary. And since the Guatemalan school year begins in February we have to but thousands of worth of text books, uniforms, school supplies and all of the material to decorate classrooms.

God is faithful