#458 our story

We left Ruston early & arrived about noon in South Louisiana and began packing. We cannot do any more shopping because Dottie has exceeded 150 pounds in out 3 suitcases.

I do not remember a time in the last 30 years that I was so glad to be returning home. I miss the children.

Two of our grandchildren in Ruston
12/27/2002. Today we allowed a large group of kids who do not have abusive parents to go visit for 3 days. Three children arrived and the oldest is 15. She just lost her child. Her parents were dead and she was living with her sister and it was her husband who impregnated this child. From what the hospital said the loss of the baby was due to extreme physical abuse. She would tell us later that he raped and then beat her daily. We also received two boys who are not related to her. They were found in the streets abandoned. In the afternoon Dottie and I served hot dogs to the older children and they went through all of Dottie’s photo albums to see if they could find their photo.
12/28. We allowed the children to sleep late as Mandy and Paula helped Ken make home-made biscuits from scratch for all of the kids and staff. Some of the teams helped me load up all of the Christmas gifts left over and took them to the city for storage until next year.