#442 our story

Sunday we will be at First United Methodist in Carmichael, Pa. at 10:30am & in at 6:300PM we will be at New Life Ministries in Reedsville, W.Va

. If you would like to financially help Donavon & Lissi just send it to Debbie marked medical expenses for Lissi.

We are staying in Dilliner, Pn. at the home of Ruth Grooms. Her phone number is 304-685-2630.

The last year has been so difficult. The death of 4 children, the lack of dorm parents, illnesses amongst my board as well as house parents & the list goes on. Satan is trying so hard to defeat us.

Our marching band

10/29/2002. Mariela broke her arm at camp. Byron graduated from a pre-med high school and immediately was offered a vacation job at a hospital. We received a telegram from a ministry in Peru. Some of the leaders had visited Casa and they were offering Dottie and I the opportunity to take that ministry. They have a group of small homes with 12 children in each home. They asked that we would take over the ministry there. Of course we will pray but I do not feel as though this is possible.

10/30. Today was high school graduation day for Augustine, Patty, Olga, Geiry, Vilma, Gerson and Vinicio. The government announced that they are placing a tax of 12% on all containers arriving in Guatemala. We have 4 containers in port and the government is unloading them. This is really a tough blow. We are having to put a new roof on the old school. 

10/31. The children returned from camp and their testimonies of receiving Jesus & going deeper spiritually warmed our hearts.