#449 Our story

We took our time driving to Decatur. Dottie continues to shop here & there. We have been resting as much as we can. Traveling is not easy for old folks. Monday we head south to Baton Rouge which is over 750 miles. 

Sunday morning Estephanie will have a cesarean. Pray that all goes well.

11/26/2002.  Dottie and I went to the First Lady’s office with a flat bed full of more shoes, clothes and hospital beds. We are so blessed. For instance recently we received two containers full of beans and rice. There was 60,000 pounds of it so we were again able to bless the First Lady as well as 4 villages. Sadly, a dumb American missionary took advantage of the First Lady allowing missionaries to have items sent from the USA virtually tax free. He had an abundance if items and sold them. The government will remove the First Lady as director of this program which led us eventually to no longer receive trailers duty free. Unbelievable the President had recently passed a law that no humanitarian goods could be taxed. The little child from Mexico arrived and she is so cute. In the afternoon we received Joel who is age 5. His parents were killed 3 years ago so the grandmother was raising him but is too old and feeble to chase a 5 year old.

11/27. The government agency that handles child abuse sent us three children. Jennifer is 13 and Saida is 14 who told us they began being abused at ages 4 & 5 by an alcoholic father and their drug addicted mother. The courts also sent us an 11 year old who is sexually promiscuous so she will need much love & attention by her dorm parents. As the afternoon progressed family of 4 arrived. They are terribly malnourished. Dottie prepared food for them and they ate as though they had not eaten in weeks. They are ages 9 months, 5, 6 and 7 years old. Andrew had gone to Mexico to get his passport stamped.