#460 our story

Pastor Dave and Regina’s daughter passed away. They were so faithful to Casa for so many years. Our hearts ache for them.

Debbie & Cindy met us here at the motel & will drive with us to the airport Wednesday morning so they can drive our car back to Lake Charles.

People have been so kind to us on this trip.

1/1/2003.  Carlos and I began the year by taking 37 children to the amusement park while Steve took the high school boys to the beach at Puerto San Jose’. These were the older children who were unable to visit their parents because of abuse. Over the holiday season the American women took turns fixing a special meal for the children. They had Dottie’s gumbo; Regina’s lasagna; Mandy’s enchiladas; Sheryl’s chimimangas; Robyn’s chicken spaghetti and Polly’s beef stroganov. Ken and Paula helped with every meal.

1/2. Today is the calm before the storm as all of the children will be returning to Casa. The judge called & asked if we would accept a 7 year old abused boy who has leukemia. He was found with his face & skull slashed by a machete and his ear bitten off by his mother. Carlos has two teachers from Minnesota spending the summer in our school.

1/3. The day was flooded by children as not only did our children return from their vacation but about 3pm eleven children were sent by the courts from Solola and Peten. Then a 13 year old girl came alone and asked if she could live here as she has no family and lives in the streets. Of course we received her.