#447 our story

aWe left at 6:15am & drove through, Pa. and Ohio and Indiana and stopped in Illinois so we are tired. No news from home. We are so tired so I am sending this update very early.

11/21/2002.  The Illinois team left. Today, Jennifer who epileptic & Gladys Ignacia had to go the hospital again. Gladys is suffering with her kidneys. She has blood in her urine. But these are not the only two that are ill. JonJon, Moises, Kevin and Tatiana are all ill. The teenage boys came and said that they wanted to help with the construction so they will assist the Americans by giving 2 hours a day. This will prove to be a developing relation between those boys and the construction team. In fact, today is August 7,2019 and Duke from Alabama came to visit and Josue’ took him to see Otoniel, Reyna and Gautalupe. Two are married and have children and Duke still considers them “his children”. There are so many wonderful stories such as this.

11/22.  The police brought a family of 4 to the gate. The oldest is 11 and she is smaller than a 7 year old. She was beaten badly and had gone to the police with her 3 brothers Angel, 12, Walter,8, and Glenda 6. Today was Gino’s graduation. He did not only make good grades he was also a very popular student. On the way into the auditorium Dottie slipped and hurt her ankle so she was uncomfortable throughout the ceremony.