#452 Our story

We left Jackson & drove to New Orleans to go to the book store at the Baptist Seminary only to discover it had closed & all seminary students had to buy their text books on line.

We arrived at my sister, Virginia’s, home & one of my old classmates from Bunkie High, Judy, was there. Lots of stories!

Our professional staff met with all age groups about the upcoming family fair

12/5/2002. Unbelievably, a huge bee nest in the ceiling of a dorm was poked by the kids thinking it would be fun. The bees were ferocious to the point we called the police and fire department and they helped us fight bees throughout the night. Two of our children were hospitalized. Unfortunantly this would not be the last time as we are still having problems with bees building huge honey combs in the dorms. There was one in my house that was so heavy it fell through the ceiling closet covering Dottie’s

clothes. We had to take off part of the roof to get to it.

12/6. The police and fire department stayed all night until noon today. The bees are under control for the moment.

12/7. David is doing better but will have a CAT s as a precaution. Bill H and his Alabama team are putting the roof on the half gym on the boy’s side. Bill B and David J are building cabinets for John and Robyn. Dottie & I took 80 children tobuy clothes.

12/8. We had three visits today by 3 different judges. Teddie T and his Alabama & Mississippi are here helping with the labor on the new apartments. The women on the team are helping Sheryl with sorting clothes. All of the teenage boys who wanted to help woke up at 4 a.m. and mixed concrete by hand and the men poured the slabs for the stairs. Bill H.’s group will fabricate the stairs and our men along with Juan will install them.