#444 our story

I spent the day reading and praying. Dottie & Ruthie did a few things around the house.

Today is another national holiday in Guatemala.

Aroldo is going to Mexico to attend a nephrology seminar.

Cindy II has a court appearance later this week. She is 18 and must move to another place to continue her dialysis. This is the law. Pray that they will find a Godly home for her.

Independence week Mayan food presentation

11/7/2002. I enrolled Felix in school in the city. Karen had a musical recital with the children she has been teaching instruments. She will be leaving soon and that is a major disappointment because the children enjoy the music lessons so much. Steve went to the tax offices to see about that 12% tax on containers. They would not budge so we are praying for the $10,000 because we desperately need those building supplies. It is so difficult for teams to arrive and not have the materials ready. 

The steel for the gym, 6000 pairs of shoes for Casa to distribute to the poor as well . 

11/8. Still no containers. Part of the board arrived and I believe it is to help me be a kinder and more gentle leader. Memo, baby, is still in the hospital.

11/9. Three members of my board, Wes, Melvin and JW are here to see how we can departamentalize things since Casa is growing so swiftly. We want to see how we can better use David, Steve, Carlos and myself.

11/10. Today was a beautiful Sunday and Melvin ministered to the children and the visitors. 

11/12. Memo was released from the hospital. The lawyer for the trucking company came and offered us $60 of what it will cost to fix it. Rather then a lengthy trial I accepted the %60 so we can on with the repairs. The First Lady’s office called and said I needed to come pay for the containers. It was a $10,000 hit on our income but I had no other choice. OOPS! When I saw the First Lady she said I only needed to pay $1200. God is so good.