#376 our story

Our university students had classes on line yesterday.

The President has ordered a curfew from 4am until 4pm starting today (Sunday). Probably 80% of Guatemalan workers depend on their hourly work day by day so there are going to be many who will suffer financially.

If you have not given your life to Jesus this would surely be the right time to do so.

Luis & Debbie are on the US Embassy charter flight so thank you all for praying.

Luis and Debbie smiling under their masks.

3/25/2004. Two children arrived who were badly beaten. In fact, the 8 year old girl is badly deformed from so many broken bones that were never treated. Wes, our board president, is here so we met with Carlos. Casa has grown so fast so we are looking at how we can take some of the load off of Carlos. We decided that Carlos would concentrate on the office and courts. I will be over the dormitories. 

Pastor Dave and Danny can handle the back property while David M. and I care for the front property. 

3/26. You may recall a few years ago we had a child, Carmen, whose heart quit beating during surgery. It was not beating for nearly 10 minutes. When she was able to return to Casa it was believed that she had brain damage as well as the inability to use her left leg and arm. Today she is totally normal. God is so good! Today when she received her first report card she was on the honor roll. One of the Buckner workers visiting us learned this morning her father was murdered last night in the jewelery store in Texas. 

3/27. Steve has found a group who will be able to bring in a container with 40,000 pounds of rice. Of course we cannot use that much so we will keep 10,000 pounds and donate 30,000 to villages where we are building a church. As I write this it is 2020 and the coronavirus is moving rapidly around the world. We have to consider how to prepare should the virus come to Guatemala. Feeding the children will be a major problem. Dottie and I joined a gym so we have been going each morning at 4am.