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McKenna’s Story – Interning at Casa

My first time at Casa Aleluya was with Fellowship Bible Church during spring break of 2017. This trip was also my first time traveling out of the country alone. I knew the Lord was calling me to do greater things with my life, but I was not sure…

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Melanie Darter

The first time that our team touched down in Guatemala was 12 1/2 years ago. In 2008, our team consisted of only 4 people who joined another mission team that frequented Casa. Since our first trip we haven't missed a year and have brought others with us to…

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Carrie Sheildknight & Cristi George

Our Arkansas team has had the privilege of serving at Casa for several years. The joy evident in the lives of the children and staff at Casa has touched our hearts as we have served. We have watched as the Holy Spirit has worked to change hearts and…

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Austin Biddy

by Austin Biddy @ Steel Creek This year marked our 3rd year in a row coming to Casa as a Youth Group. We had a team of 30 and upon arriving we realized how excited the kids were to see us. The older High School girls had made…

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Amy Anderson

We took our team to serve and experience God in a new and intimate way while working at Casa Aleluya. Our team went with a mission to play with the children and helped around the grounds to support the mission of Casa, but we gained was so much…

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Amy McCown

Maggie was 13 years old when dear friends asked her to join them on a mission trip to Guatemala with their church. Our family had a Compassion child and a World Vision child on our refrigerator that we had prayed for many years, but letting my little one…

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