Austin Biddy

by Austin Biddy @ Steel Creek

This year marked our 3rd year in a row coming to Casa as a Youth Group. We had a team of 30 and upon arriving we realized how excited the kids were to see us. The older High School girls had made us a welcome sign with everyone’s name on it who was on the team last year.

Fast forward to the end of the trip they told us they had another surprise for us. By the end of the week the girls had wrote a person letter for all 30 students and leaders on our team. They called each of us up individually to hand us our letters and they had a big poster signed by all of them for our team.

It made a tremendous mark on our team and showed us how thoughtful the kids at Casa are. Everyone got emotional and it really meant a lot to the students on our team who aren’t the most outgoing and didn’t expect to get anything. It made us realize EVERY kid matters and is important to Christ.