#282 our story

We began early and tore out the sheet rock, etc. from the dorm room in Doncillas and found there is a lot to do but will get done.

The school has been having prayer week and that always touches hearts.

The Ky/NY teams had a birthday party for Monica.

   1/25/2001  Carlos instituted the memorizing of Bible verses into the school curriculum and 80% of the children said their verses this first time around. One boy came and asked Carlos to give him a Bible so that he could memorize verses on his own. This led to us investing in hundreds of Bibles.

1/26/ Steve has been working full time on the school construction. He has offered to help with the containers. They are shipped from Gulf Port, Ms. So he has his work doubled. Jerry has been the person God used to coordinate as well as donate materials for 4 years. The Lord has opened other doors for him and we wish him well. His enthusiasm for our children motivated so many people to help us and many of them are still involved in Casa now in 2019.

1/27  The high school boys treated Dave Jr. and Andrew to the beach. Actually it was a bachelor party for Dave. They all returned sun burned.

1/28 Dottie and I ministered at Crossroads in Indianapolis with Pastor Mike. We left the meeting and drove to Warsaw to with Dr. Pitts who comes to Casa and holds medical clinics in the villages. We concluded our US trip by going to Selbyville, Illinois to visit Jack and Savilla who were two of the first visitors to Casa. They saw us on the 700 Club and so they simply called and asked if they could visit. In fact, until his death Jack saved each of our monthly newsletters and sent them to me with instructions “Write a book”.

Back in Guatemala both our girls and our boys won soccer championships. The basketball teams did not do too goo since you cannot use your feet in basketball. Ben arrived now that he has finished his seminar with Focus on the Family. He will be here helping Carlos for a few months. His fried, Will, has a construction background so Steve will keep him busy.

1/29. Both Analy and Lillian had surgery today to remove ovarian cysts. A local Women’s Aglow group came to minister to our older girls.