#177 our story

One of the high school girls was vomiting blood so Billy rushed her to the hospital. We are asking for your prayers.

Wednesday we will give the gifts to the younger children. Thursday is the staff party. Friday we will have Christmas dinner for the older children. Sunday we will have the Lord’s Supper.

We still do not have enough churches wanting us to speak in February to justify the cost of going to the states.


January 1998. Nell and Julie cut hair all day. Dottie’s father had a stroke this morning. One of our children was writing a letter to his sponsor and he asked Pam how to address the envelope. She told him to write what was in the corner of the envelope he received. A few minutes later he gave her the envelope to “Dear Air Mail”.

February 10this our 35thwedding anniversary. Today happened to be the day the government had administered lethal injection to a kidnapper. We had a visiting dentist and he examined 117 children in 5 days.

Two pastors showed up with a live chicken for Dottie. They said it was her anniversary. Our local village was doing free vaccinations for children so Dottie and the staff took 130 to the heath department. The workers there just laughed and lined the kids up. There was an awful lot of tears and moaning.

March 1989: Brennen went and slept on a volcano and was robbed on his way home. We were without water for 23 hours again today. There was a 5.8 earth- quake. I went and rented a bull dozer and they sent me a front end loader.

Brennen who was robbed last week went to Antigua and he, his sister and her husband were robbed. I have been robbed 4 times and Pastor David once. But with all the weapons pointed at all of us no one has been injured. In a typical school year there are 20-25 of our college students robbed on buses or walking to their college from a bus stop.