#98 our story

We began packing so as to know what we will need to buy in the area of vitamins, medicines and household goods.

I gave some thought as to what I will share Saturday at Christian Center Church in Duson.

Sunday at 9:30am we will be at Word of Life in Patterson, La.

I do not feel well so I am sending this early.


As I sit here on August 20, 2018 my mind goes back to a precious couple who died years ago. The reason is that there is a group here from Decatur, Illinois. They have been coming to Casa for more than a decade.

Oh, so many years ago the 700 Club had shown a 3 minute presentation on our home. After it was played we received a phone call from a man named Jack. He said, “I saw your home on the 700 Club. We sponsor a child in Guatemala with another organization. Can anyone come visit you I said, “Yes”. Little did I know what would happen.

We never had a visitor prior to Jack that we did not know. People from South Louisiana who knew us either from our church or because of the radio show were the only visitors we had have. Jack & Savilla were from Lakewood, Illinois.

When they came to Casa they were not very young. I would say they were in the early to mid sixties yet they worked like 20 year olds. His life story was so intriguing. He had been a fighter pilot and also a fighter pilot instructor. They had a farm in Illinois that consisted of hundreds of acres. We would share stories late into the night.

One day we contacted the organization where their sponsored child was supposed to have lived. She did not exist. So they began sponsoring a child here at Casa.

The reason the church from Decatur, Illinois is here is because Jack invited us to Illinois and after preaching in his church he arranged for us to speak elsewhere. So many wonderful people have come to help or have sponsored children because of the many people like Jack who had a burdened for Casa.