#90 our story

Aroldo sent me his photograph from Mexico and his dialysis conference but it did not down load.

This Sunday morning we will be at First Baptist in Crossett, Arkansas at 10:30am.

Dottie and I were able to visit the grave of our son, Jonathan, who died in 1971. Dottie was still in the hospital when he died so I buried him alone with my pastor.



In 2001 we finished Vencedores which is a dorm for boys ages 9 to 14. It is very large and arranged with two sides where the younger boys are not in contact with the older boys for sleeping and showering.

I was in the city when Dottie called me about two people who were here with papers to take two children. She said that it didn’t feel right so I called our social worker who immediately came to Casa. The kids were boarding a bus and our social worker stopped them and read the paper work. The papers were false so he took them back into the house and called the courts to report wht had happened.

By November 2001 the Lord had blessed us and we were able to have completed 58 churches, pastor’s homes and Sunday school buildings over the previous years.

One day in November 2001 a group of children ran up to Dottie screaming that two boys were saying nasty things. So Dottie asked them what the two boys were saying. One child answered. “They said that daddy has a beard and is so old.” I wonder what “nasty things” children are saying about me now that I am 75 years old.

Fernando, age 9, climbed a tree and fell onto the cement. Steve and I rushed him to the hospital as he kept losing consciousness. They observed him a couple of hours and we took him home. I was in the kitchen when some kids came to tell that he had climbed the same tree again.