#11 My story

The Guatemala army in cooperation with the US Coast Guard captured 3 tons of cocaine on a vessel in the ocean.

One of our older boys came to ask me to pray with him because he feels that God is calling  him to the ministry.

Two teams from Tennessee are here. Casa Antony is being painted a pretty green.

Emily swinging over a mud puddle

I drove back from Baton Rouge with dozens of thoughts in my head. I knew that our baby would die soon and I did not want Dottie to be in Florida and have a dead child like she did in California and have to return to Louisiana for another funeral. So I decided that I would not mention anything about Florida to Dottie.

However, a month later I received a package in the mail from the University of Florida. Dottie saw it and enclosed was everything that I had been promised. Dottie was so excited as she said, “I cannot believe that God has done this for you”. She knew that if I had applied for a scholarship to study for a doctorate no school in America would accept me. My grades and tests score were not high enough.

Of course I told her that all I wanted to do was work with mentally retarded children and I did not need a doctorate for that. But she argued with me and we actually went to bed with her upset at my decision.

In the morning I was in the kitchen sitting down when she entered and said, “Stand up” which I did. She placed her hands on my shoulders, pulled me to her and said, “Mike, she is going to die. I knew when they put her in my arms that she was going to die. And if she dies in Florida we will deal with that in Florida but you are going to go to the university there”. So we did!#