Maeda, Norma and Yolanda left Casa years ago & are in their 30s. They came to visit today & they are doing very well. I needed to hear that.

I gave my testimony to the teams.

Veronica came by today also. She is working for a children’s ministry. I am proud of her.

Kate left for the states today.

Yolanda and Norma and Maeda


I awaken from my sleep that Sunday morning with my future father-in-law standing over my bed. He told me that Crossett did not have the denominational church that I grew up in but he was willing to take me anywhere else. I told him that I wanted to go to church with him. So I did.

I cannot tell you what he preached on but I can tell you that when the invitation was given I immediately went forward. I had never been in a protestant church so had never seen an invitation. I was the only one who went forward so I know it was the Holy Spirit leading me. His invitation was so simple. He said, “Is there anyone here who needs anything?”  When I went forward he asked me what I needed. I said to him “Mr. Buckner I do not know what I need but I can tell you what I want. I want whatever makes you who you are.”

He responded with “Let’s you and I go to lunch together”. We spent the afternoon together and 56 years ago I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior.