#10 My story

One of our children who was adopted to the states, Jacob, finished boot camp & is now a US Marine. We are blessed for him & his parents, Doc and Karen.

The Oklahoma team left today.

The Virginia team took all of Buen Pastor(older boys) to the city. They had lunch and saw a movie.

Vice-president Pence was in Guatemala yesterday concerning immigration as well as items concerning the volcano eruption.

Four folks from Tennessee arrived.

Please do not forget to keep praying that God would send us house parents.


Jacob with his family

Soon I was asked by the psychologist at Pinecrest if I could pick up Dr. Cunningham from the University of Florida who was coming to host one week seminars at LSU, Tulane and Pinecrest. I asked him how would I know Dr. Cunningham and he told me he was a very large man, 60ish, bald headed and would be smoking a foot long cigar.

When I saw Dr. Cunningham deboard the plane he was just as described.  He entered my car and I asked him if he would like coffee since the drive to Baton Rouge was long. He said yes and I drove to a restaurant and begin to leave the car when he reached over and grabbed my shoulder.

I asked if he wanted something with his coffee and he did not answer. So I asked him again and with the cigar in his hands he said, “I want you to come to Florida and teach 3 courses. If you do we will give you a full scholarship for your doctor’s degree, a secretary to type your dissertation, a salary and an apartment.

I was shocked and said “Sir, you do not know who I am”. He answered, “I do not know who you are” and pointing the cigar upward said, “But He does”. I was totally shocked and could not answer. I knew my daughter had a 3 month life expectancy and I did not want to take Dottie to Florida and have her lose another child and come back to Arkansas for another funeral.