Sebastian had to leave his village at 4:30am to attend a meeting at 8m in the city with IGSS which is similar to social security.

We had our staff praise, preaching and prayer time with Jim sharing about us witnessing to the children & a good example is when the children seeing the staff loving one another.


God wants His children to be responsible and not unreliable. The word, responsible, means answering to. It emphasizes that a person is to be answerable to someone.

The primary concept behind responsibility is that every individual must give account for his own choices, actions and words. Responsibility is the quality of being responsible, answerable or liable. Responsibility is recognizing what jobs are your duty to complete and then carrying out those jobs as if someone is looking over your shoulders.

If you are a responsible person you will know in your heart what duties need to be done and doing that job. The ancient Greeks tell the story of a sculptor would carefully carve items to place on temple tops. He was meticulous and so one of those he worked with why he spent so much time on something no one could see.

His answer was “God will see”. A responsible person will do what is right simply because it is right. We need to finish each job in such a way that it is ready for God to inspect. Responsibility is not just a matter of what you do; it is first and foremost a matter of who you are.

Where there are relationships there are responsibilities.