Well, we have come to the end of another month. I am less than 6 weeks from the transition allowing Josue’ to take my place and Sebastian and Vilfredo and the team from taking the ministry to the next level.

It is difficult to believe that at age 45 Dottie and I came to Guatemala thinking that we would be caring for about 20 – 25 street children. The number of children is now surpassing 5800 children in the last 29 years. Many have taken advantage of the opportunities that God has provided and some have not. But we feel that we have given all of them the choice to do good.

Our prayers and concerns at the moment are for more staff. We need a couple for Los Cometas which are the 7-9 year old boys. There are only 12 in the dorm and Walt will stay with them until December 1st. Replacing Brandi by the end of August is our largest concern. She schedules the visitors, purchases their food and sees that the dorms for those visitors are clean and ready for the next team. So those are the two pressing needs today.

The Texas team took the Vencedores dorm (30) to pizza and a playground.