Dottie and I enjoyed singing using the keyboard that we did the music on Sunday morning with the children. It followed on the heels of the concert that the older boys attended meaning that they had the opportunity to truly praise God the last 16 hours. By the way they did not return from the concert until 1am.


We know from science that any information and any experience that reaches our conscious understanding comes from five pathways of sensitivity. These are taste, touch, hearing, sight and smell. It is through our senses that we interact with the world around us.

Sensitivity is taking the initiative to ask how someone is doing and then listening carefully to the response. Sensitivity is the ability to identify with the sufferings of someone else. This is pain that is not yours to bear. Once you recognize another’s pain you are sensitive to share in that pain.

Sensitivity not only identifies with another’s pain but it also sees the burdens of another person and does what it can to share the load. Even if our efforts are small they are significant.

Show your concern for others by doing what you can to help them. This could be as simple as flowers, a card or some other expression of personal concern. Sensitivity to the hurts and burdens of others is expressed by a willingness to share in the pain and some action to help them.