The service at First Union in Athens, Alabama was so well received and they were so generous.

A tornedo hit Clarksville less than 5 miles from our motel. It destroyed homes, over turned cars but thankfully did not kill anyone.


Why do we sin? Better still: What is sin? According to I John 3:4 sin is not doing what God teaches us in His Word. We simply look at the Word, read It and ignore the teachings. Joshua 24:15 tells us that Joshua declared that he and his house would serve the Lord. That means sin is a choice!

Why do we sin?

  1. Some sin out of ignorance. Acts 17:22, 30-31. These scriptures tell us there is a point in our lives where we are ignorant of His Word. I actually had a man tell me one time that he was leaving my church because he did not want to hear what I taught because then he would be responsible to change.
  2. Some sin because they want to. James 1:13-15. “Every man is tempted when he is drawn away by his own lust”. This simply means a person knows better but chooses to go against the teachings of scripture. He does what he wants and ignores the truth.
  3. Some sin because they are not watchful. Galatians 6:1 “If a man be overtaken in a fault you who are spiritual restore him”. TV, internet, magazines and movies have invaded the Christian homes all around the world. We do not take it serious. We do not watch out for our children’s souls and minds.
  4. Some sin because they lack self-control. I Corinthians 9:27. Paul says that he keeps his body under subjection to the Word of God. If you lack self-control you will fall into temptation and succumb to it.

More tomorrow