Yesterday was our special needs daughter’s birthday and we called her. She would not speak with us. Gretchen baked her a birthday cake but she would not eat it. Pretty headstrong!

This Sunday we will be at First Union Baptist Church in Athens, Alabama at 11am.


Someone asked me why I teach on certain subjects and the truth is I teach what applies to me and it seems to touch others. I am not clinically depressed but I “get down” over the tresses of each day. My age may have something to do with it and when I am down it is for a short period because I am well aware of what I should be doing. Focus on God; draw strength from God and others as well as trusting God re 3 things we have looked at.

II Corinthians 12:9 says that His grace is sufficient for me therefore I must DEPEND ON GOD. His strength is made perfect in weakness. The problem depressed people have is they fell as though they have irreversible defects. Paul used this scripture to turn his depression into joy. He decided to glory in his infirmities after praying 3 times for God to remove them.

Don’t you feel sometimes as though no one cares? God desires so much for you to accept Him as the One who cares about what you are experiencing. Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me”.

We are not alone when we are down. He wants us to know He cares. He wants us to toss all of our depressive feelings & thoughts upon Him. There is nor reason to remain down emotionally when He is always here to lift us up