Strangely Aroldo told me that Alex does not want to drink water. When Keyser had his transplant he couldn’t get enough water. The doctors are working on a plan to get Alex to drink.

The outcome from the meeting the IRS was that they wanted us to number pages in our reports. So we got a clean bill of health from that agency of the government.

The volcano Fuego which is the most popular one everyone climbs. It had a lot of spewing activity last night and today.


During WWII six Navy pilots left their aircraft carrier on a mission. After searching the seas for enemy submarines, they tried to return to their ship shortly after dark. But the captain had ordered a blackout of all lights on the ship. Over and over the frantic pilots radioed, asking for just one light so they could see to land. But the pilots were told that the blackout could not be lifted. After several appeals and denials of their request, the ship’s operator turned the switch to break radio contact–and the pilots were forced to ditch in the ocean.

People often ask me how the children recover so quickly from physical or sexual abuse. The girls are tenderer and they seem to receive Jesus much quicker than boys.

What affects the boys the most is that they feel abandoned even if a hand was never used to beat them or assault them? Abandonment is such a horrible form of rejection that many older boys carry that pain into their relationships and even into marriage.

One boy told me “My father did not love me enough to hit me”. He was saying that he was simply ignored by his father. He was not even noticed around the house. He would have preferred a beating rather than the feeling that no one cared enough to notice he was there.

I wonder what it was like for those navy pilots went the radio went silent and they realized no one cared?