The Last Beatitude

Lee has a Bible class for 9 faithful young men. He asked that I share with them some of the miracles of Casa. There have been so many it was hard to choose 5 or 6. I prayed for them and then they prayed for me.

Ezdras resigned as pastor to Casa today. His wife, Candida, will continue to work here as a nurse.


The last Beatitude.

In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus spoke of beatitudes. Did you know that the last beatitude mentioned in the Bible is in Revelation 14:13? It reads, blessed are the dead! Strange isn’t it? Well if they died in Jesus as Christians they are blessed.

Heaven will be a place of rest. Gravestones are correct if they read “Rest in Peace” or “Eternal Rest” on the tomb of a Christian. Many people are weary after many years of serving God. Others are weary because of trials, tests and illness. Heaven will be the long awaited rest for us.

Our works will follow us to heaven and so we will have the blessings of rewards. We were created for good works. The believer’s good works will bring rewards in heaven.

Mark 5:12 says there are rewards for enduring persecution.

Luke 6:35 says there are rewards for loving your enemies and doing good.

I Cor 3:8-13 says there are rewards for faithful service.

I Cor 9:17 says there are rewards for serving willingly.

Heaven is a place of reunion. This is another of the great blessings of God for us. We will know our loved ones there. There will be many “No mores”. No more sorrow, tears, death, crying or pain.


We who are saved will die with a beatitude because the best is yet to come.