Face to the wall

I went to the dentist early thinking this pain would soon be over. But we could not locate the tooth causing the pain. So we went to the city to a specialist and had the root canal done.

We painted the upstairs railings.

Little Tony will study art for a year. He is very talented and I want him to explore that craft.


Nothing is too hard for God. Nothing is impossible for God. We think our circumstances are impossible but the Word says, “If you can believe nothing is impossible”. It is not about “Can God or will God do it” but the real question is “Can I believe”.

All things are possible to whom? To those who believe! With God there is nothing impossible. It does not matter if it looks hopeless or impossible. Have you heard people say “We need to be possibility thinkers” when the truth is that most people are “Impossibility thinkers.” We think of a hundred reasons that it will not happen.

We need to retrain our minds to believe that all things are possible. When Hezekiah was ill the Lord said in Isaiah 38:1 “Set your house in order because you will surely die”. Hezekiah prayed that God would extend his life. The answer from God was strange. “Turn your face to the wall”.

What did God mean? LOOK AWAY FROM MAN. LOOK AT ME ALONE! You cannot look at man and God at the same time and expect the results the Lord wants for you. People are so negative. People will talk you out of your miracle. If you listen to negativeness you will never receive the miracle. God is positive. He never says, “It is impossible”. He says the opposite! It is up to me. If I can believe nothing is impossible”.

Turn your face to the wall and see nothing but God!