It as 41 degrees this morning and here in Guatemala on this mountain with the wind blowing that is cold!!

Gladys preached for me again and I am certain that next Sunday I will be back in the pulpit.

Oscar, who has graduated as an architect, is finishing a Master’s in Administration. He has finished all classwork, submitted his thesis and meets with the committee tomorrow.

Bob built me a beautiful “high” chair so that I can sit & preach.

A local business sent a group of employees with gifts and games for the kids under 18.



VAIN worship, IGNORANT worship and SELF-IMPOSED worship are disgusting to God. So what is true worship?

John 4:23 “True worshipers will worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth.

The Jews were worshipping correctly by going to Jerusalem. But true worship is not about the place.

“In Spirit” means to worship from your heart. God is Spirit and we must worship in sincerity. Fleshly ordinances such as a physical structure, special garments, lampstands, burning of incense, instruments and animal sacrifices were what the Old Testament worship was all about.

All Christians are priests (Romans 12:1). Our prayers are as sweet incense to Jesus (Revelations 5:8). “In Truth” means what? The Temple was a shadow of true worship. Now we worship from anywhere and praise Jesus Who is in heaven. He is not in a building.

The law was another shadow. To worship Christ is to having Him in your heart and on your lips throughout the day. No special place; no special words; no special laws just pure unadulterated honor and respect for what HONORS HIM.