We finished giving gifts to the grand children. Ezras had a Christmas concert for all of the children. Each dorm also performed a song. Ezdras taught the Christmas story between singings. It was very well done.

Wednesday we will give the gifts to the younger dorm


Lily and RobertThe first invitation in the Bible was to know in Genesis 7. The last invitation is found in Revelation 22:17 “The Spirit says Come”. In the book of Hosea there is an invitation also. Hosea calls God’s people to return to the Lord.

God is calling you and me daily. He wants us to return to the time when Christ seemed closer. He wants us to return to when the joy of the Lord was more real. He wants us to return to when prayer was more meaningful. He wants us to return to when church services were more exciting.

God knows that we drift. It is so easily to be a shooting star. We burn brightly after salvation but eventually the same burning desires are not there.

Hosea says for us to come and be healed and He will bind us up (protect us). In spite of our coolness He will revive us. He will raise us up. We will live forever in His sight.

Psalm 23 says that if we come to Jesus He will restore our souls.