Another invitation

The children 18 and over are being allowed to go home for either Christmas or New Years. They are excited to be able to do this.

The Christmas gifts for the 5 youngest dorms were distributed today. It was not s much as years past but they seemed to enjoy and appreciate it. Gladys did an awesome job.

The older children will have a dinner with Dottie and me Thursday evening.

Walt & Randy took los Cometas and the dialysis children to the movies.


Waiting to open gifts

Isaiah 55:1-2 is another chapter of invitation. Isaiah says that everyone who thirsts I invited to come to God. This is a great chapter of comfort and faith. Verse one says we are to break forth into singing. God wants us to praise Him to ling of His majesty and great works.

Vv 3-4 says that we should expect great blessings. I am certain many people never receive the best fro God because they simply do not expect it to happen. VV 4-10 tells us there is no reason to fear.

These verses tell us to come and satisfy your thirst. We are living in such a dry time spiritually in 2017. Yet many people have inner cravings of thirst. A desire for more of God! Others make vain attempts to satisfy their inner thirst when God is saying come to Him. Drink the living water.

These verses also say come and satisfy your hunger. Spiritual hunger is for the Bread of Life. Only Jesus satisfies your inner hunger. People are looking in all the wrong places to have their hunger filled. Isaiah even says we spend money for things that are not bread (satisfying and filling). We labor for ‘things’ and they will never satisfy.

We are invited to a feast where there will be water to quench our thirst; food to satisfy our hunger and Spiritual food to satisfy our soul. Jesus did pay the rice on Calvary so we can eat and drink that which satisfies.