More Colin Powell

Meredith did a fabulous job o organizing and cooking for all of the children and staff. Dottie wanted to surprise me so she fixed a complete Thanksgiving meal and 13 of the children came uo and ate with me in my living room.

More wisdom from General Powell.

  1. You cannot make someone else’s choices and they cannot make yours. Just today Billy asked me a question as to what to do. My advice was he would have to deal with it in prayer. I could not tell him what to do. You need to rely on prayer and Bible reading.
  2. Remain calm and be kind. I have been a firecracker for most of my life so when a visitor arrived recently who had been at Casa many times said to me “You seem so much calmer” I was so blessed.
  3. Have a vision. God says that we will perish without a vision. You must look into the future as you make decisions. How will this affect you, your work, the children, etc.
  4. Don’t take counsel from your fears or from naysayers. I have stepped out not always in faith but sometimes in fear. I knew it was what God wanted me to do. Your fears will stop your blessings.
  5. Be optimistic! Do not be a gloomy Gus. Things do improve and once they do you will find that they strengthen you for the next step.


These twelve points explain to me why Colin Powell was such a great leader. He has given us sound advice to take it.