Wisdom not knowledge

There are no veins available for a catheter for Cindy from her thighs up. Pray with us.

Our vans are just worn out. We are going to try and raise the funds by selling the 2 old vans & see if we can get help purchasing one new one. Needs to be smaller and will be used for medical transportation and court appearances.

We had the staff prayer and sharing time tonight. Gladys preached on Psalm 23 and it was very good.

The container has arrived so Sebastian is working to get it through customs.

A team from Tomball, TX is here & tonight Thom, our chairman, and Shawna arrived.


Carmella had open heart surgery a few years ago & now is doing well in college

After we go from counting it all joy to knowing that the testing of our faith produces patience to LETTING patience have its perfect work we arrive at the last instruction from James as seen in 1:5-8. That is “Let him ask of God”.

We have so little wisdom and yet God wants to give wisdom do us in abundance. He says we should ask for it. When Solomon asked for wisdom God was well pleased. It made God happy for Solomon to want wisdom.

Wisdom is not knowledge. Knowledge is knowing the facts but wisdom is using the facts to come to a conclusion or see what must to done. Many teens can memorize equations but not all teens can use those equations to build a house. Knowledge without wisdom is fruitless. You need to be able to use what God is doing by allowing you to be tested.

These verses do not mean that God will allow you to gain knowledge but actually knowledge and wisdom come from the Word of God. You must study the Word if you will see what God is doing with you by allowing the trial.

It would be better if we could avoid trials but without them we never spiritually maturity.

Count, Know, Let and Ask are the only steps James gives us to overcome trials and to learn what God is doing. It is never about us. It is always about Him.Wisdom is not knowledge