Not good friends

Do not think I am rude if I do not answer face book messages. I am not on face book. I have someone else post so I do not read replies to my update. Please email me instead.

The NC team has worked so hard this week & are nearly finished. Our staff will try and do the rest. We do appreciate the work of the NC team. Now we have ideas about the other bathrooms that we will have to do. NC was a great team.


School is out

Elipahaz, Bildad and Zopher. Job 2:11”They set out from their homes to go and sympathize with Job.

Historically you probably cannot recall a man who suffered more than Jon. He lost everything. He lost all his children and ll his wealth in one day. His wife turned on him and even expected that he should take his own life.

So his three friends come to comfort him. He looked so terrible they could only sit and cry with him for 7 days. They were too stunned to speak..

The real problem came when they opened their mouths. The more they spoke the worse they made Job feel. The more they tried to explain his suffering the dumber the conversation deepened. They were well-meaning but totally misguided.

If you have a friend who is suffering resist the temptation to try and explain “why” they are hurting. Your friend needs comforting, not explanations