The container arrived but it was red flagged meaning it will be completely unloaded and checked with the written manifest. First time this has ever happened to us in over 25 years.

Dr. Lou is coming to talk to us about the dialysis unit. He wants to see how the new problems with the government will affect the child on dialysis that he sends to us,

Jose’ came to show me photographs of the church we are about to finish. The Texas team had a community outreach.



Tony has lived his life entiely at Casa. He is a good young man and starts college in January.

Hosea is one of my most favorite books of the Bible. He was a godly man told by God to marry a prostitute. This lead to a totally broken home as well a broken heart for Hosea.

First we see the love of God towards those who do not deserve it. That includes me. Jesus redefined love. Many thought that God only loved “good” people. Just as Gomer his wife was unfaithful so we too are not always faithful to God.

Second he redeems his wife. God redeems us. This truly is the love that does not think of itself but thinks of others. Hosea was able to see Gomer through the eyes of God.

Third there is the disciplining love. Gomer was a prodigal wife. Hosea tells her she must stay for a while in seclusion. True love disciplines the one it loves. I discipline my children because I love them. When I sin I need a time of reflection as to what I have done to the heart of God.

Fourth the last word from God is love not anger. To fear God is not to be afraid of God but rather to stand in awe of Him. I love God not because He will discipline me. He loves me unconditionally in Christ. One day I will give an account of my life. The love of God that I have received from Christ will cover my sins, faults and failures. There will be a reward for faithful service and restoration as we have seen in this great story of Hosea and Gomer.