There are two small teams here from Kentucky and Alabama. The first has been painting and the second has been working on electrical issues and some welding.

Roxanna came by to tell me she finishes her classwork in law & is also studying theology. So we are proud of her.


Matthew 27:17 “Which one do you want me to release to you Barabbas or Jesus who is called Christ?

When I was a teenager I visited Angola prison and as I surveyed the cells I wondered how those men felt. On death road I envisioned some of them when they heard the jailer’s walking just being terrified. I wondered if on their way to the electric chair or if they walked quietly or drug their feet. Did they continue to proclaim their innocence?

What was his response when the crowded screamed out “Barabbas and rejected Christ?

Barabbas represents us. We are guilty. We deserve eternal damnation. But, like Barabbas, there is incredible news. Someone is taking our place in the death chamber.

But was Barabbas truly free? No, he wasn’t. True freedom is found only in the blood of Jesus. Barabbas walked away from his cross but there is no indication he evr received Christ.

So close!!