To give you an idea of what the government has done look at this statistic. In 2015 we had 350 students in our school. Now we had 261. That is a loss of 89 children. Decisions by the government are not helping the children.

San Carlos University’s law school came & presented a program on crime prevention for 13 to 17 year olds.


The weather situation in Houston & Orange, Texas stressed me since we have to fly into Houston & drive through Orange to get to Lake Charles. So this was a perfect time for me to look at what is causing my stress.

Forgetfulness is a cause of stress. God has always provided for me so if He wants me to get to the states He will make the way. Elijah came down the mountain after defeating the false prophets of Jezebel. Immediately he went into the wilderness and went into deep depression. He forgot what God had just done. I am so like that!

Another cause of stress is fear. I have to write the 1800 Christmas cards when I get to Lake Charles & I allowed my mind to ask, “What if you cannot get home and write those cards?” We also have a board meeting & I must be there for that. I have to sign legal papers. So my mind goes from forgetting what God has done over the years and now fear of not getting things done.

I am just being honest. Now I have to spend the next 3 days preparing as though there are no problems getting to Houston and Lake Charles. A third cause of stress is fatigue. That was a problem with Elijah. He was worn out and just isolated himself from everyone even saying to God that He was the only prophet left in Israel.

So if you are stressed check out these three things: Forgetting what God has already done for you; fearfulness and finally fatigue. I know I have checked these three stressers out in my life.