smart or stupid

Three more of our girls have graduated as child-care professionals. It takes a special heart for that.

We drove from Norma to Fayetteville, Ar. to see Dottie’s brother & wife(Jim & Linda). They just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.

The Independence week ended today with math & spelling contests the civic program and the band marched in the village parade.


Three more of our girls graduated as child care professionals



Who are the smart people and who are the stupid people? The book of Proverbs answers this question:


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Respect for God and his Word will set you on a path of wisdom in making choices and decisions throughout your life.

Matthew 7 “Build your house on the rocks and wind, water, storms and other catastrophes will not affect it.” A life lived without God’s Proverbs is a life that will end up crashed on the rocks of the foolish man.