Two more earthquakes in Mexico! The earth itself seems to be revolting.

The grandchild with the rheumatic heart is also having lesions in his brain. Please pray for him and his family.

The services at Word of Life were well received.

I am still awaiting the report of the 3 day inspection from last week.

Dottie & I went to see Grethen’s home & she is on the Mercy Ship heading for the islands in the Caribbean helping with the recovery from the hurricanes.

The boys in Vencedores gave ALL of their money and gave it to the office to help fix the vans. Compassionate giving!!


Luke 3:23 “Jesus began his ministry at 30”. Before age 30 Jesus lived a boring normal life of eating, sleeping, studying, working and being with family and friends.

CS Lewis says we are to imitate God and that model is Jesus who did normal and sometimes undesirable things. It wasn’t always miracles & parables. Carpentry was a hard job.

Vanier says, “God does not call us to do extraordinary things but to do ordinary things with extraordinary love”.

I Corinthians 10:31 says, “Do all to the glory of God”. We must be content with the difficult valleys as well as the mountain tops”. We must be preoccupied with the present and not focus on the past or the future.

Hart says, “If we are unwilling to seek God in the life we have, we will do no better in the life that we would like to have”. If faith is difficult for you ask God for strength.